Current Trends in IoT

Smart Fridge

Creating a Smart Product for the IoT Market

┬áThe Internet of Everything Love it or hate it, the Internet of Things is here to stay. The days of analog are gone – touch screens are omnipresent: interface windows for our fingertips to access the internet. Each year, these windows become increasingly resilient, useful, and ubiquitous. Screens, however, are not the lowest common denominator for smart, connected objects. Bluetooth and Voice Recognition has freed our hands, allowing us to interact with devices at a

Sensors: Putting the “Smart” into Smart Phones

Frankenstein – The First True A.I. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been a passive witness to the evolution of mobile phones. I shrugged off any real understanding of how cell phones worked by telling myself “they’re just like little computers” (If only I knew how a computer worked). This reductive mindset shoves all the interesting tidbits about how cell phones tick under the rug. A smorgasbord of sensors in your mobile phone is the
Smart Retail

Retail in the Post-Amazon Era

Bringing Technology into Retail   Hundreds of department stores across North America have shut their doors for good with predictions of more than a quarter of shopping malls following suit in the next four years. Brand giants such as Sears, Toys ‘R’ Us, Lord and Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nine West, and Claire’s have all closed in the U.S or filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections. None of these retailers were able to adapt to

Webhooks Demystified

What is a webhook, anyway? A webhook is a way to receive a notification about an event via an HTTP Post. Webhooks tell you that something has occurred by notifying you about an event. The event can be anything from a routine sensor data reading from a temperature monitor in your greenhouse, to a new login on your website, a comment posted on your blog, a click on your article. The notification which you recieve

Finally, a free HTTP Request Tool geared for IoT

uBeac is free HTTP Request service created by Momentaj Inc. uBeac receives HTTP/HTTPS requests and logs forwarded data for inspection. It can be used to inspect, monitor, and debug your browser, client application, or IoT device such as a gateway, edge relay, or beacon. Frustrated at the lack of a reliable service to test the connectivity of IoT devices, our team created uBeac for our own and public use. Other HTTP Request and Webhook services