Current Trends in IoT

Understanding Consumer Behaviour with Smart Tech

Getting to the bottom of what makes us tick. Understanding consumer behaviour is key to creating successful and targeted marketing campaigns. In its broadest sense, consumer behaviour analysts seek to understand what drives shoppers to purchase, use, and dispose of goods and services. Initially, the field of study was rooted in ‘utility’ theory which held that consumers make purchasing decisions based on perceived outcomes. If a consumer truly believes that a product will make them

Array of Things: An IoT Success Story

  Chicago Deploys Nodes to Create Open, Free City-Wide Data   The Chicago Array of Things project is a fascinating IoT experiment, bringing scientists, architects, researchers, and students together towards exploring what federal governments must do to help cities navigate the next 50 to 80 years. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide open, free data about the performance, environment, and activities of the city to residents, policy makers, scientists, and industry. The

Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh

High Expectations for WSNs Wireless sensor networks have experienced a decade or so of growing pains. For years, the accuracy and precision required by Industry 4.0 was head and shoulders above the capabilities of the latest technology. Networks which worked in theory failed to work in practice and many businesses wisely waited for a technology suited for cutting-edge applications. Future Industry 4.0 networks will permit connections between a wide range of devices and services. Complex

Urban Exploration in Smart Cities

Urban Exploration in Smart Cities What is a Smart City? Smart Cities are built up from a variety of integrated technologies which work together to improve resource management and citizen satisfaction. They are characterized by the ubiquity of communication technologies which gather data from water reservoirs, weather stations, parking lots, department stores, city records, citizen’s mobiles, transit lines, etc. This data is centralized, analyzed, and applied to real-life solutions which assure future viability and prosperity

Food and Beverage Industry: Sensor Monitoring To Prevent Spoilage

When the electricity goes out overnight or during your vacation, it’s always a tentative hand which gingerly opens the fridge door. What has spoilt and what hasn’t? Is yogurt supposed to smell like that? 99% of the time, when a power outage lasts a while, it’s safer to pitch the whole lot. Even if something looks right – who wants to gamble their gastro-intestinal well-being on the greying ground beef?  These fridge failures or power