Helping Industries Merge with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Bluetooth LE 4.2 and 5.0 has major applications in every industry.

Automating Key Processes for your Business

Centralizing systems and automating Quality Assurance and Compliance.

Providing Real-Time Location Services to Enhance Security

Real-Time monitoring of entryways via proximity detection gives businesses peace of mind.

Giving Businesses an Edge in Marketing and Advertising

Target customers with location-specific messages to boost your brand and bottom line.

Helping Businesses Implement Real Time Location System Solutions (RTLS)

Enabling businesses to improve workflow and efficiency, reduce energy costs, and minimize asset loss.

Bluetooth Smart Enabled Proximity Solutions

We provide consulting and development services in the IoT sector using Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) technology. Our hardware is BLE sensor-enabled beacons which can detect light levels, humidity, and temperature in deployments in discrete buildings or at scale to create smart buildings, homes, offices, and institutions. Bluetooth beacons are becoming the proximity technology of choice for most industries. 

Our Company

Full-Solution Providers

Momentaj Inc. is an IT firm specializing in offering cloud-based and data analytic services for the emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT) market. We provide full Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) solutions for businesses seeking to integrate into the Internet of Things by providing customized hardware and software. Check out our Applications: Proximity Detection, Automation, Real-Time Location Systems, and Security. Browse our Industries: Security, Manufacturing, Production, Warehousing, Travel, Health, Education, Advertising, Marketing, Retail, Museums, and Entertainment.

Dedicated Consultants

Momentaj Inc is a consulting company specializing in RTLS solutions. We are a qualified team of professionals experienced in software development, web applications, and data analysis. We facilitate dynamic engagement between businesses and their clients through the deployment of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Smart 5.0 and 4.2 Beacons. We can guide you towards the BLE/WiFi solution which would best suit your needs. We are constantly expanding our horizons. Contact us today to book a consultation about how BLE Smart (5.0 and 4.2) could transform the way you do business.

What We Do

Our Bluetooth Smart-based solutions are divided into 6 categories.

Proximity Detection

Proximity Detection allows businesses to track customer and employee actions, send contextual messages, and perform analytics. Proximity Detection systems are the basis of creating meaningul interactions between users, objects, and locations. Applications: Brand Loyalty, Business to Business Collaboration, Push Notification, Online to Offline Analytics, User Location Reports, Proximity Guides.

Real-Time Location Systems

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) consist of specialized receivers or readers that pick up signals from both smart devices and from beacon tags attached to assets. Each beacon tag transmits a unique ID in real time, allowing a user to access location information at any time from an application or web browser. Retail, Healthcare, Emergency Services, Manufacturing, and Logistics are all industries which stand to benefit from RTLS technology. Accurate location technology can enable businesses to improve workflow and efficiency, reduce energy costs, and minimize asset loss.

Indoor Positioning Systems

IPS systems allow users to navigate indoor spaces through the deployment of Bluetooth LE beacons. These beacons inform custom applications – delivering the blue dot experience to users. IPS enables safe workplace navigation, wayfinding applications for airports and train stations, and self-guiding tours in museums and cultural centers.


Bluetooth LE technology is automating key industries – enhancing visibility and compliance through all the major steps of the manufacturing and production process. Bluetooth 4.2. and 5.0 beacons gather sensory data which enables businesses to make informed decisions and automate heating, cooling, and lighting systems. Not only can automated systems save you time, money, and energy, they can also ensure employee safety and product integrity through quality assurance monitoring through every step of the production proccess.


Bluetooth LE is on the forefront of the security industry. Through real-time monitoring of all users within a building, security issues are accurately and efficiently resolved. Proximity Detection systems  create added layers of security to key areas of your business. Bluetooth beacon deployments save time, energy, and give businesses peace of mind.