Beacons are no longer the new kid on the block. They’re an established method of bringing RTLS to businesses at any scale. Beacons met initial success in retail environments but have rapidly found use-cases in dozens of industries.

Here are five industry verticals showing how beacons can enhance customer experience and gather data for informed decision making.


  • Transmit contextual Information on exhibits to patrons.
  • Monitor dwell times and footfalls.
  • Create user-location reports
  • Proximity-activated accessible tours.
  • Touchless payments and ticket purchases.



  • Deliver personalised deals and messages to visitors.
  • Improve organic marketing and brand image with social media prompts that encourage patrons to share and tag images taken at the event.
  • Wayfinding through interactive applications.
  • Automatic content delivery of presentation slides, pdfs, menus, programmes, etc.



  • Automated check-ins and check-outs.
  • Deliver welcome messages, useful visitor information, and survey prompts.
  • Keyless entry into rooms using the proximity of a user’s smart device.
  • Managing staff productivity. Monitor staff-asset interactions and ensure compliance with company standards.



  • Way-find and Seat-finding.
  • Touchless ticket sales.
  • Automatic ticket verification.
  • Advertising nearby merchandise.
  • Deploying employees using smart data.



  • Delivering patrons with up-to-the-minute parking information.
  • Improve marketing and branding for retail locations.
  • Prompt feed-back forms which allow a business to make improvements in layout or staffing.
  • Sending time sensitive, contextual push-notifications to encourage customers to enter stores and purchase products.
  • Collection of smart data to improve mall layouts and automate major systems such as Heating and A/C.


Beacons continue to make waves – especially in the manufacturing and production sector

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