This is a step by step guide on how to configure your AB BLE Gateway 3.0 to send packets via HTTP(s) requests to uBeak Hook

April Brothers lacks documentation for many of their products. If you have purchased an AB BLE Gateway 3.0, you may request English documentation through emailing the AB support team.

  1. Refer to our “Get Your UBEAC Endpoint Guide” to begin:
  2. Power on the Gateway 3.0 with the mini USB cable.
  3. Connect it via ethernet to a wired network.
  4. Using a PC on the same LAN, install “AB Gateway V3 Tool from
  5. Open the program and click “IP Address”.
  6. Click “Run” and then click “Scan” to get the IP of your Gateway V3
  7. Copy the IP address pictured top left into your browser and view the configuration dashboard. The username is admin, and the password is 123456.
  8. Click on the Upload Icon and select “HTTP”.
  9. Populate the field “HTTP Host” with
  10. Populate the “Port” field with 80
  11. Populate the “Path” field with your UBEAC Hook, forward slash included.
  12. Set the Frequency to 1 for fast scanning and to a higher number for less frequent scanning.
  13. Click “Save”
  14. Return to your UBEAC URL and observe the redirected data.
  15. Each POST is expandable by clicking on the Green “Post” button.

If you have any questions regarding the Apple Brothers set-up process, contact us at

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