Current Trends in IoT

IoT Medical Wearable

Wearables – The Fusion of Human and Computer

Wearable technology Smart watches and IoT devices with Bluetooth and GPS capabilities and health applications are gaining market momentum. According to health specialist Joao Bocas, wearables go beyond merely being present in a person’s life, they are the first step in the fusion of human and computer. Wearables such as
Iron Ox IoT Bluetooth Farming

How IoT Could Feed the World

AgriTech: IoT and the Future of Food Security   Although spending is predicted to double on IoT ventures in the next four years, few companies are directing their attention to the agricultural applications of IoT. As the population of the earth exceeds our potential for food production, technology companies and
IoT Device

The Importance of IoT Device Testing

The Wireless Challenge IoT connectivity depends on a variety of wireless standards. For instance, a medical device may need to interface with WiFi, 4G, Bluetooth, and/or Zigbee. The device will need to work regardless of electromagnetic or physical interference while meeting the highest security standards. These considerations make life challenging

Bluetooth for Automated Irrigation Systems

Efficient water management is a growing concern for farmers living in arid or semi-arid environments. Using sensors to detect soil conditions removes sources of human error when it comes to the efficient and productive use of water resources. Bluetooth is a low cost method of communication between in-field sensors and
Minew G1 BLE WiFi Gateway

Minew G1 BLE-WiFi HTTP Endpoint Configuration Guide

This tutorial will show you how to configure your Minew G1 to forward data to uBeac’s Hook. Direct your browser to and click on the create endpoint button. Power on your G1 by connecting it to your laptop or PC via a USB-A cable. After the device has booted,