Current Trends in IoT

Everyone knows the value of GPS. The ability to see where you are, where your target destination is, and everything in between has changed the way we navigate. GPS is one technology which facilitates Real-Time Location Systems. Real-Time Location Systems have been rare and costly until very recently. RFID, WiFi, and Zigbee have infrastructure costs which deter many companies from implementing RTLS in their facilities. Luxury car companies such as BMW have used traditional RTLS
Facilitating Patient and Staff Experience Hospitals are embracing Bluetooth LE technology to ensure that check-ins and patient monitoring are efficient and provide rich data. Beacons deployed discreetly throughout Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities can be teamed up with apps to offer accessible wayfinding services, while at the same time, registering the movements of guests, patients, and staff into location reports and heatmaps. The information gathered from this is priceless when it comes to creating efficiency. Beacons
Beacons are discreet devices which interact with Bluetooth-enabled devices to send targeted notifications to user’s phones through an application or through Google Nearby. Beacons help gamify the shopping experience and can provide timely notifications which influence shopping decisions. Beacons Can: Trigger contextual content upon store entry. Surface special offers in specific store zones through digital signage. Surface special offers and information/FAQ for specific products. Deliver in-store navigation. Prompt loyalty program participation. Trigger contextual content upon
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons allow smartphone applications to identify the exact location of a user with sub-meter accuracy. Beacons emit signals which interact with a user’s device to trigger context-aware notifications. Beacons come in a variety of shapes, from thin ID-Tag beacons to rugged boxier varieties. Their versatility makes them ideal for use in retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, and security industries. The signal on a beacon can be adjusted. This is termed the Tx