Current Trends in IoT

Using IoT to Pimp Your Chateau

Chalets, cottages, cabins are synonymous with a low-tech lifestyle. For most people, a retreat to these spaces brings to mind shoddy cell-service, spotty LTE, and boxy television sets from the days of Yore. The low-tech lifestyle has charm. Playing life on hard mode has a way of putting city life
Smart Farming Food Security

The Future of Food: IoT and Food Security

  Agri-Tech Offers Hope for Food Security The world’s population will exceed 9.1 billion by 2050. Farmers will need to harness all the government and technological supports available to ensure production is raised by 70% to accommodate all the new mouths. Some scientists are saying the situation is more tenuous
Robotic Surgery

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Build-up to AI The first use of the word robot comes from the Czech word robota, a term used in Karel Capek’s 1921 play Rossum’s Universal Robots, to signify a factory wherein biosynthetic machines were used as slave labour. The famous science fiction pioneer, Isaac Asimov,
Smart Fridge

Creating a Smart Product for the IoT Market

 The Internet of Everything Love it or hate it, the Internet of Things is here to stay. The days of analog are gone – touch screens are omnipresent: interface windows for our fingertips to access the internet. Each year, these windows become increasingly resilient, useful, and ubiquitous. Screens, however, are

Sensors: Putting the “Smart” into Smart Phones

Frankenstein – The First True A.I. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been a passive witness to the evolution of mobile phones. I shrugged off any real understanding of how cell phones worked by telling myself “they’re just like little computers” (If only I knew how a computer worked). This