Compared to other Gateways on the market, we enjoyed working with the BlueCats backend and hardware. This is a step by step guide on how to configure your BlueCats Edge Relay to send packets via HTTP(S) requests to the UBEAC Cloud.

  1. Refer to our “Get Your UBEAC Endpoint Guide” to begin:
  2. Claim and Register your BlueCat Gateway at
  3. Go to > Devices > Claim Beacon and use your claim code found on the box lid of your purchase.
  4. Once registered with BlueCats, your Edge Relay device will appear as follows on your > Device page.
  5. Connect your Edge Relay to your computer using an ethernet cable. Plug the USB-A Power cable into your device.
  6. Follow the BlueCats documentation to use their web configuration tool to provision your Gateway to send data to your UBEAC endpoint.
  7. Both guides will direct you to go to and login using the Username: root  – The password is blank (unset) by default.
  8. After connecting your device to WiFi as per BlueCat’s instructions, go to > BlueCats > Forwarding to set up your HTTP UBEAC endpoint.
  9. Select HTTP Protocol
  10. Fill in the Name field with anything you like.
  11. Check the Enabled Box.
  12. For Host or IP address, fill the field with
  13. For Port, fill the field with 80.
  14. For Interval Length, select a call and response.
  15. Save and Apply
  16. Return to your UBEAC URL and observe the redirected data.
  17. Each POST is expandable by clicking on the Green “Post” button.

If you have any questions regarding the BlueCats set-up process, contact us at

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