Facilitating Patient and Staff Experience

Hospitals are embracing Bluetooth LE technology to ensure that check-ins and patient monitoring are efficient and provide rich data. Beacons deployed discreetly throughout Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities can be teamed up with apps to offer accessible wayfinding services, while at the same time, registering the movements of guests, patients, and staff into location reports and heatmaps. The information gathered from this is priceless when it comes to creating efficiency.

Beacons coupled with an app can allow self-check ins at emergency service departments, reducing wait times and the need for critical staff to perform paperwork. Patients can opt to receive notifications on their phone with updates regarding wait-times and contextual information to take the onus off of staff to keep patients informed.

Doctors, nurses, and staff may carry devices which act as beacons on their person to save critical time in the event of a code. Proximity detection and real-time location monitory allow staff to know who the closest specialist is at the time of a crisis and alert them immediately.

Beacons can help gamify even the healthcare industry by rewarding customers for check-ins at doctor’s offices and gyms. Health insurers stand to benefit from this extra source of data on clients.

Healthcare Asset Tracking

Beacons track the location of important assets in retail time, making redundant expenditures unecessary. By implementing IoT in healthcare facilities, staff will always know the location of valuable assets resulting in:

  • Fewer losses due to missing or misplaced equipment
  • Less over-purchasing of equipment
  • Shorter wait times for patients

Staff will get patients into beds faster if beds are set up with beacons which alert staff to vacancies.

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