uBeac is free HTTP Request service created by Momentaj Inc.

uBeac receives HTTP/HTTPS requests and logs forwarded data for inspection. It can be used to inspect, monitor, and debug your browser, client application, or IoT device such as a gateway, edge relay, or beacon. Frustrated at the lack of a reliable service to test the connectivity of IoT devices, our team created uBeac for our own and public use.

Other HTTP Request and Webhook services have bit the dust, unable to keep up with the millions of daily user requests. We’re not like the others. Our cloud is robust. We IoT tinkerers at Momentaj have come to rely on uBeac daily. We think you may find uBeac a useful tool, worth bookmarking.


uBeac uses the latest firmware to bring you the best service. Our multi-tier architecture is fast, secure, and adaptive. Our cloud system is more robust than traditional web-hosting and will stand up to millions of requests.

Easy to Use

uBeac is so simple to use. One click takes you to a unique hook which you can input when you configure your gateways, relays, and access points to forward data to the uBeac backend. If that sounds intimidating, our team has put together guides for some of the more popular gateways so that you can get started on your IoT projects without the hassle of trial and error configurations. In addition, any requests sent to your URL are logged instantly. You can make POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, and OPTIONS requests with any header and content. uBeac supports output in JSON, YAML, and XML, as well as in HTML view for in-browser testing.

Live, Real-Time Data

uBeac displays real-time data. POSTS appear instantly – no need for you to refresh the page. One click on each discrete POST button expands the POST to show all the raw data from your nearby broadcasting devices. It’s incredibly handy to monitor sensor readings remotely. You can revisit your Hook URL from any device and see whether your devices are working and what their readings are. It’s perfect for people who want to check in on their home or office during vacation or while they work remotely.


Free services which refrain from asking for personal data are few and far between. uBeac is a free and anonymous breath of fresh air.

So – try it out! We’d love to hear from you regarding how we can iterate uBeac into a better tool for Internet of Things developers and hobbyists alike.

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