This is a step by step guide on how to configure your Mist AP41 Access Point to send HTTP data requests to the UBEAC Cloud. Before we get started, here are some resources to get you set-up with Mist:

  • Mist AP41 Data Sheet:
  • Mist Hardware Setup Guide (not necessary for our setup):
  • Mist GO User Guide:
  • Mist Support Portal:
  • Mist Community Forums:
  • In addition, you can access live-chat support on any Mist webpage.

A caveat – Mist has no documentation for provisioning their Access Point. As a result, you will need to rely heavily on our experience outlined in the following steps:

  1. Refer to our “Get Your UBEAC Endpoint Guide” to begin:
  2. Plug in your device’s power and LAN cables.
  3. Login to the Mist Dashboard:
  4. Hover over  “Organization” and select “Site Configuration”
  5. Create a New Site and fill in required information. Enable “Webhooks”, and paste your UBEAC Hook URL into the “URL field”. Name the Hook anything you like.
  6. Under the Heading “Bluetooth based Location Services”, enable “Engagement”, ‘App Wakeup”, and “Asset Visibility”.
  7. Navigate to “Access Points” on the side menu.
  8. Select “Claim Your AP” and enter the Claim Code on the bottom of your AP41.
  9. Hover over “Location”, select “Live View”, and click the button “Add Floorplan. Upload a picture (Mist is an asset tracking service. For your purposes, the picture can be anything).
  10. Hover over “Clients” and select “BLE Clients” and you will see a list of Bluetooth devices within range of your Access Point.
  11. Mist requires that you specify which Bluetooth Devices or “Assets” you want the Access Point to scan. To specify a Bluetooth Device that you want scanned, on the same page as step 9, select an asset to view its MAC address, and copy the MAC address to your clipboard.
  12. On the “BLE Clients” page, select the button “Add Asset” and fill in the MAC Address and Name of your Asset.
  13. Hover over “Location”, select “Live View’, and see your new Bluetooth device appear on your floor plan.
  14. Return to your UBEAC URL and observe the redirected data.
  15. Each POST is expandable by clicking on the Green “Post” button.

We found the Mist Dashboard very difficult to navigate. If you have any questions regarding the MIST set-up process, we recommend directing questions to their live chat or emailing However, we welcome any questions regarding the WiFi and Endpoint configuration process at

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