Proximity Detection

Proximity Detection allows businesses to track customer and employee actions, send contextual messages, and perform analytics. Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and Gateways work in concert with smart devices to locate the exact position of users within indoor spaces. Businesses are using proximity data to reach customers with marketing and advertising messages based on their physical location within retail spaces. By integrating physical spaces with the Internet of Things, businesses are no longer constrained by physical parameters. Digital signage and reciprocal offers between businesses expand the possibilities in retail and industry.

Proximity Marketing

Brand Loyalty campaigns use proximity technology to ensure customers experience meaningful brand interactions on their mobile device. Bluetooth Smart (4.2 and 5.0) BLE beacons  interact with mobile devices in retail settings to deliver greetings, useful product information, and special offers. Reaching customers with targeted messages at the right time is invaluable for physical stores. Bluetooth Smart technology provides a method of extracting consumer data effortlessly via coupon redemption methods and at-door surveys.  Connecting with customers in a personal way is key to creating brand loyalty, driving sales, and retaining existing customers.

Key Benefits: Retain Customers, Enhance Visitor Experience, Provide Useful Product Information, Extract Consumer Data

Business To Business Collaboration

RTLS technologies enable collaboration between businesses via reciprocal offers. For example, visitors in a museum may be tired and hungry after strolling through galleries. When a visitor reaches the museum’s exit, a beacon can trigger a notification to appear on their mobile phone which suggests visiting nearby cafés and restaurants. The notification could include a digital coupon or special product offer. Partnerships like this one are a new revenue avenue for local busineeses. These reciprocal offers benefit both businesses and consumers.

Key Benefits: Promote Partnerships, Drive Sales, Increase Brand Visibility

Proximity Advertising

Targeted Push Notifications via RTLS systems send URLs to a BLE-enabled device which prompts a user interaction. With the Eddystone configuration, smartphone users do not need to have a store-specific app to benefit from the targeted advertisement and marketing sent through Bluetooth Smart (BLE) beacons. Beacons deployed throughout a retail space or facility are perfect for high accuracy targeting through their adjustable Tx power and frequency settings. A single beacon with a powerful signal can cover large areas with a single URL, while many beacons on lower transmission settings can create distinct areas within one space with contextual marketing and advertising.

Key Benefits: Targeted Advertising, Targeting Marketing, Provide Contextual Information to Consumers, Improve Customer Retention Rates, Drive Sales

User Analytics

Online to Offline Analytics are a feature of Bluetooth Smart (BLE) RTLS systems. Analytics are particularly useful in retail environments where keeping a finger on the pulse of consumer behaviour is a critical component of success. Understanding which layouts work, how customers move around a store, and how to avoid bottlenecks are made possible through user analytics. Data visualizations allow business owners and organizers to view footfall traffic and heatmaps, informing decisions on venue layouts, staff allocations, and advertising displays. The same system is also of key value to public service industries such as healthcare and education. Tracking patient and visitor flows and dwell times gives hospitals data with which to track evaluate efficiency.

Key Benefits: Time-Stamp Location Reports, Heat Maps of User Traffic, Easily Solved Security Issues, Behaviour Patterns, Asset Placement.

User Location Reports

User Location Reports are are aggregated from historical data and assist management and organizers in making decisions concerning employee allocation, the placement of assets, and approaches to security. Not only will knowing the time-stamped location of all users within a facility improve efficiency, tracking the movement of people and assets is a key component of safety and compliance. These reports provide important insights into user’s behaviour patterns, measure accurate ROAS and bounce rates, and provide feedback on response rates to mobile advertising.

Key Benefits: Immediate Employee and User Visibility, Safety, Compliance


Proximity Guides Visitors to Museums, Galleries, and Expos are finding it easier than ever to navigate their way through large indoor spaces. Beacons can be set up at individual exhibits and throughout buildings to give visitors access to step-by-step wayfinding maps and interactive information about museum pieces, artwork, products, and businesses. These guides are critical to ensuring the accessibility of your venue. Guides can be tailored to provide wayfinding services which are wheelchair accessible. They can also function through audio-commands to provide wayfind services for the visually impaired.

Key Benefits: Accessible Spaces, Wayfinding, Contextual Information, Targeted Advertising