Everyone knows the value of GPS.

The ability to see where you are, where your target destination is, and everything in between has changed the way we navigate.

GPS is one technology which facilitates Real-Time Location Systems.

Real-Time Location Systems have been rare and costly until very recently. RFID, WiFi, and Zigbee have infrastructure costs which deter many companies from implementing RTLS in their facilities. Luxury car companies such as BMW have used traditional RTLS technology to track different series numbers on the same high-tech production line, but such set-ups have cost millions. Bluetooth LE is changing that – sparking a wave of innovation–not just in high tech, but in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and office buildings around the world.

Bluetooth LE is low-cost – and it’s hardware, beacons, are easily re-positioned in dynamic environments. Beacons function as battery-powered transmitters and can be configured through a mobile app, making them scalable and portable. Smartphones are able to act as receivers in the place of gateways, making the technology even more accessible to businesses looking to cut costs while still benefiting from comprehensive asset tracking systems.

 A single RFID reader may cost up to $1,500 whereas almost all smartphones in the market can act as beacon readers.

Only Bluetooth LE Beacon networks are capable of multi-tasking – tracking assets in real-time while harvesting environmental data through custom sensors which detect motion, light, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Let us help you come up with the RTLS strategy which suits your company’s environment and needs.

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