Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

RTLS provides management with an up to the minute overview of the current location of all tagged assets within a facility as well as their historical positions. This information can be neatly visualized using custom software. Hardware for RTLS consist of specialized receivers or readers that pick up signals from both smart devices and from beacon tags attached to assets. Each beacon tag transmits a unique ID in real time, allowing a user to access location information at any time from an application or web browser. Retail, Healthcare, Emergency Services, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, and Logistics are all industries which stand to benefit from improved workflow and efficiency, reduced energy costs, and minimized asset loss.

Workplace Attendance Systems

Workplace Attendance Systems enable the real-time management and tracking of employees. These systems depend on the interaction between bluetooth-enabled employee identification cards and beacons and gateways deployed at key locations and entry points. Employee cards transmit a unique (UUID) signal which is picked up by nearby beacons or gateways and relayed a cloud. Placing gateways at office entrances eliminate the need for timesheets or biometric check-ins. Workplace Attendance Systems aggregate data from the day to day check-ins and movements of employees, allowing management to analyze employee efficiency and productivity. Smart Attendance Systems allow employers to instantly record and analyze employee attendance.  Employee monitoring also improves security within facilities by monitoring areas for entry by unauthorized individuals.

Key Benefits:  Employee Allocation, Quickly Solve Security Issues, Smart Attendance

Inventory Management

RTLS technologies automate inventory management processes by making it efforless to locate products and pallets within facilities. These systems work by affixing bluetooth-powered tags to products, skids, and pallets. These beacons transmit frequent signals to nearby gateways which relay the location information to a cloud that displays up to the minute inventory data to management. These systems ensure all assets, personnel and products are visible, not only in real-time, but historically as well. The same beacon infrastructure also monitors the location of employees.  Person-place-asset interactions are recorded in logs, ensuring compliance. Inventory issues can be easily resolved by determining who last interacted with a product, reducing product loss. Manufacturers using beacon-facilitated RTLS are able to track material flow, wait times, and cycle times. 

Key Benefits:  Real Time Stock Levels, Reduce Search Time, Improve Audits, Recover Lost Assets

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking RTLS technologies enable the real time workflow management of products, equipment, and staff, making it effortless to locate sub-assemblies and final products to fill client orders. Real-time location systems can pinpoint misplaced products and reduce losses due to unorganized systems and theft.  When a tagged asset leaves a geo-fenced area,  alarms and notifications are directed to security and management. The misplaced product is immediately identifiable through unique universal identifiers (UUIDs) which beacons transmit to gateways. If employees are also tagged with bluetooth-enabled access cards, security issues can be solved with ease.

Key Benefits:  Reduce Search Time, Reduce Equipment Movement, Improve Audits, Recover Lost Assets, Shorten Maintenance Downtime, Create Return on Investment Opportunities.

User Location Reports

RTLS technologies enable the real time management and tracking of people and assets in facilities. This time-stamped data can be visualized and logged in user-location reports which enable employers to trace interactions between locations, assets and staff to ensure safety and compliance. For example, if all employees beginning a shift in a factory are required to wash their hands before handling product, user location reports will be able to show management if any staff members failed to approach the handwashing station. For tagged assets, management will be able to see the path of products on the assembly line and identify dwell times and bottlenecks. If a product spends too long at a specific station, slowing down the system, the underlying cause can be determined much more readily than through intermittent inspections. 

Key Benefits:  Employee Allocation, Quickly Solve Security Issues, Avoid Bottlenecks in Production and Retail, Custom Analytics.

School Attendance Systems

School Attendance Systems can be implemented in schools to track attendance rates and improve school security. These systems work through the distribution of Bluetooth LE-enabled identity cards to students and staff.  A system of beacons and gateways detect the movement of students into specified areas such as libraries, gymnasiums, and lecture halls. The insights gathered from tracking and historical data are useful in determining where to allocate funding. If students create bottlenecks as they move between classes, administrators will have the option of changing layouts to improve flow. Seeing how many students use facilities at which times of day inform staffing decisions. 

Key Benefits:  Automate Student Attendance Tracking, Restrict Access to School Facilities, User Location Reports, Efficient Evacuation and Safety Procedures