Real Time Location System Solutions

Track the movement of people and assets, aggregating historical data into user-location reports.

Providing Automated Solutions

Enable systems and devices to communicate with each other, centralizing and automating controls.

Enhancing Security

Control access to data and entryways, monitoring the location of all users in a facility.

Proximity Detection Solutions

Track customer and employee actions, trigger contextual marketing and advertisements, and perform analytics.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Solutions

Explore the five major solutions of BLE technology.


Automation is gaining footholds in every industry. Our solutions will help you automate quality assurance and compliance processes by allowing you to monitor person-place and person-asset interactions. In addition, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons may be calibrated to sense environmental light levels, temperature, humidity, acceleration, and atmospheric pressure. These environmental sensors allow businesses to automate HVAC and lighting systems.  Sensor data is a fantastic tool to create efficient buildings and efficient workforces.

Proximity Detection

Proximity Detection has applications in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail. By deploying Bluetooth Low Energy beacons throughout buildings, tagged individuals and assets can trigger actions based on proximity to beacons. This helps automate warehouse management systems, allows hospitals to monitor patients,  and enables businesses to track customer and employee actions. This smart system works with custom applications and software to enhance security, automate contextual marketing, and guide employees through tasks.

Real Time Location Systems

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) provide management with an up to the minute overview of the current location of all tagged assets within a facility as well as their historical positions. Real Time Location Systems are transforming warehouse management and inventory management systems, asset tracking, and smart attendance systems. Manufacturers who implement RTLS will streamline quality assurance checks through handy visualizations of products as they move along assembly lines. 


The ability to monitor the real-time location of all tagged assets and users with facilities makes solving security issues a breeze. Bluetooth LE beacon deployments can even pick up on the location of users with Bluetooth-enabled smart devices. Beacons come equipped with environmental sensors which can help detect untagged individuals through fluctuations in signal strength, changes in light levels, or spikes in temperature. As part of a preventative security strategy, beacons can trigger actions which lock doors, password protect computers, and send alerts to appropriate individuals.