The beacon industry is booming and there are more choices than ever before when it comes to selecting your hardware, protocol, software, Tx…etc. Here are some general steps which will ensure you stay focused towards integrating your business with the latest in IoT.

  1. Establish a use case which combines the needs of your customers with your needs as a business.
  2. Learn from the competition. Research similar use-cases and become familiar with the capabilities of grid-based and point-based deployments.
  3. Prepare an Ecosystem of custom applications, marketing campaigns, digital signage etc. Take full advantage of the potential of beacon infrastructure by planning ahead of time.
  4. Find a partner. This step isn’t necessary, but will save you time and money. Infrastructure, software, and applications do not need to be built from scratch.
  5. Proof of Concept. Start at a small scale and build from there. Demonstrate that your ecosystem will work and rule out errors before a full deployment.
  6. Keep well-read. Stay informed about emerging technologies that will keep your business on the cutting edge.


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